An innovative reward token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum

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Chameleon Rewards' primary goal is to make it easy to obtain and passively grow a digital currency portfolio just by holding CRewards (Chameleon Rewards v2).


Holders earn 5% rewards on every buy and 6% on every sell. Those rewards are paid out as dividends in highly desirable tokens like USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, and more. The reward token holders are paid in changes every 2 weeks. So just by holding CRewards, you can passively grow a diverse digital currency portfolio!

How do you get CRewards tokens?

CRewards currently lives on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).  You can purchase tokens using the built in
Chameleon Swap right here on our site or by using PancakeSwap v2


We will also launch on Polygon (Matic), and the Ethereum network in the near future. After that occurs, you'll be able to get CRewards under the same token contract on all 3 blockchains! Long term we hope to develop and implement cross-chain swapping which will greatly assist in moving digital assets between blockchains.


In addition we aim to become a brand. We'll be developing custom merch, NFTs, and MORE! And for those who want to get into crypto but don't know how to get your physical monies INTO the crypto-verse, it's cool. We'll be creating a store with Chameleon Rewards limited edition luxury, trendy, pop-culture, and high demand goods and services. And with the purchase of the product with your fiat, you'll also get a digital wallet pre-loaded with CRewards. Which means just by letting those tokens sit in that wallet, you'll be passively building a crypto portfolio as the rewards pile up in your wallet!



Total Supply: 5 Billion

Burned on launch: 40% (2 Billion)

2 holding accounts for partnership opportunities

with other companies: 500Million

Remaining 2.5Billion deployed to PancakeSwapV2

rewards and fees


3% to liquidity

4% to marketing

5% to holder dividends

Max Buy = 100Million

Recommended Slippage 12-15%


4% to liquidity

5% to marketing

6% to holder dividends

Max Buy = 100Million

Recommended Slippage 12-15%

Dividends (reflections) are paid to holders in the designated reward token at the time reward is issued.  The reward token is changed every 2 weeks to a new token based on potential return/gains, community feedback, token reputation, and lastly token contract compatibility with CRewards.


Q3 2021

  • Establish socials

  • website v1

  • grow socials

  • Deploy BSC contract

  • initial launch on pancakeswap v2

  • lock liquidity

  • usdc as auto dividend reward

  • marketing push

  • grow holders

  • Select next reward token

  • grow socials

  • chameleon swap live on website

  • launch chameleon customs merch store

  • update website

  • apply Coingekco

  • revise whitepaper

  • expand to polygon

  • update to the next reward token

  • marketing push

  • grow holders

Q1-Q2 2022

  • seek partnership opportunities with other defi projects

  • seek partnership opportunities with tangible goods/services

  • expand to ethereum