*Note* max mint of 5 per transaction

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Contest and Prize Pool Details

  • Each NFT costs 50 Matic to Mint

  • 50% of the mint cost goes to the Prize Pool

  • Remaining 50% goes to adding liquidity to CRewards Polygon, marketing, future development, and expansion.

  • If all 300 NFTs are minted, the grand prize pool payable to the winner is 7,500 Matic (~$13-15k at current prices)

  • There are 3 BONUS NFTs that will mint at random: a 2x, 5x, and 10x NFT card.  If you mint one you will receive that number of entries in the drawing!

  • Odds of winning are the number of entries you mint to the total number of NFTs minted (Max odds are 1 in 300)

  • The round will end 11/19 (or sooner if all 300 are minted prior to 11/19).  An AMA style livestream will be simulcasted on our Twitch, Youtube, and Telegram and the drawing of and payout to the winner will be conducted live on screen for transparency.